Kim M. Clark

Helping Others Lift Their Gaze, By Providing Hope Through Faith

Nationally Recongized Public Speaker

Kim enjoys pointing others to the Author and Perfector of her faith as she encourages others to lift their gaze and trust God even in the most dire circumstances. 


She is a sought-after, nationally-recongized, motivational speaker and has authored a multiple award-winning, non-fiction book Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze. Kim enjoyes sharing her message of hope to audiences all over the country. 


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Award-Winning Author

"It seems that God uses those who have gone thorugh the flames of afflication, to go back and pour water on those still going through the fire" (Deep Waters: LIft Your Gaze).


As God has graciously applied his word to the painful wounds inflicted from her storms, Kim shares this wisdom with others, so they can too rise above their suffering and experience hope. 


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Non-Profit Founder & CEO 

Lift Your Gaze Ministries employs the biblical promise that God works all things for good (Romans 8:28) and the principles from Kim M. Clark’s award-winning, non-fiction book, Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze


The result? The living waters of Christ are poured out over the most broken area of our society.    


Now, the hopeless now have hope, the spiritually blind see, and the broken are made whole. 


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