10K 4 10K

Isn't it time to provide hope?


"I had no hope...and now God has healed decades-old wounds through the words in this book. This book is about HEALING!" 

~ a recent book study participant 


Lift Your Gaze needs your help!  As many of you know, because of your generosity, Kim was able to recently attend the Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association Summit at the Billy Graham Center and bless all of the hundreds of attendees with copies of her multiple-award-winning and Amazon Best-Seller book, Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze


And now guess what? The correctional facilities want copies of Kim's book for their residents to hold biblical book studies! This transformational book has provided hope and healing to so many people across the world.


But God...


Now in an effort to reach the most hope-deprived segment of our society, it is the goal of Lift Your Gazel to raise $10k to reach approximately 10k lives. 

So we have created a $10k 4 10k fund-raising campaign. 


The funds will go towards the printing and shipping costs of these books to incarcerated individuals in the correctional facilities across the U.S. 


Just think, by your simple act of faith, you can help provide the tools for someone to experience the love and healing of Jesus Christ in the prison system. 


Let's work together to change the trajectory of insurrection in our society. With over 70% of the incarcerated being rearrested, isn't time for rehabilitation?


Isn't it time to provide hope?


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